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At Dog Gone It Grooming, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

About The Groomer

My name is Stefanie Flores, owner and founder of Dog Gone It. I was born and raised in Quincy, I did finish my high school years in Elk Grove California, but immediately returned to Quincy after high school. 

I have two beautiful children, Lane, my son and Bella, my daughter. 

In 2018, I married my soulmate, the guy who gave me the last name Flores. Before Flores, I was a Pasquetti, and yes, I am related to the ones in Sierra Valley. 

In the last 16 years of working, I have accomplished many wonderful things, I was an RDA without the license (I never took the test), I worked in the medical field and completed EMT training.  I also did the office setting for a while in the accounting industry. Although I have been so fortunate to work for and with some wonderful humans, and to gain so much knowledge in different fields, something has never felt right. 

About 3 years ago I got the idea to start a dog grooming business. I let fear get the best of me, and decided it was just a dream, and there is no way I could make that happen. 

Well, I did, I am. I finally found the guts to start this grooming business and I feel beyond blessed and fortunate that I am finally making it happen. I have many plans for the future to grow my dog grooming business to training and possibly boarding. But that will come with time. 


Dog History- Why my love for dogs exists

My love for dogs has been present my whole life. I could talk on and on about my dogs, but I will try and make it rather short. The first dog that I ever remember loving is my Aunt and Uncles lab, his name was JJ. He was a huge part of my childhood, and early adult years. That was my first real heartbreak, losing him. My dad and stepmom had two border collies, Katie and Larry, they were another couple paws that left prints on my heart. Larry used to hug my leg if I asked him. That didn't sit well with people wearing nice clothes, especially when he was muddy from running a muck in the fields. Fast forward to when I moved in with my husband back in 2016, he had two dogs, Busa and Debo. My love for Busa was instant, Debo and I took a little longer to warm up to one another, but in the end I loved him with all my heart. Shortly after moving in with my husband, I got Pickett, my first dog that was MINE. She is an all white American bulldog, the sweetest little soul, with all the skin allergies. We lost both Busa and Debo in 2020, and shortly after that I saw an ad on facebook for Borgies. Along came Peterson, the most feisty, rambunctious, protective boy in our house. Two dogs just isn't enough so against my husband's wishes... along came Pamela, my half lab, half golden retriever. Once again my husband fell in love with her. Bringing us to the present day, Pickett, Peter, and Pamela are the current fur I have all over my house and clothes. 


If not dogs, what? - Other Hobbies

As much as I love all my fur children, I do have other loves. Watching my son play baseball, soccer, basketball, and ride dirt bikes. Thrift shopping and doing church activities with my daughter. Long sunny walks with my sister and my niece, always with a dog as well! 

My main hobby is going to the gym with my husband. I am a competitive powerlifter. I love lifting heavy stuff, and being rewarded for it. My husband has been my biggest support and the best powerlifting coach in the last 10 years. I competed in Worlds in 2022, and took home first in my weight class for bench press. It was a pretty good day. 

I also have a strong love for playing Hand and Foot, as well as cribbage while watching Netflix. 

My love for animals is a very wide range, from lemurs to ducks. My aunt has a duck rescue in Elk Grove, and I love being there and helping her with all the day to day of owning 50+ ducks. 


Ending with this.. 

A few things that I am building my business around, and I think it is important for all dog owners who plan to use "Dog Gone It Grooming" should know. 

The biggest priority of my work is the welfare, health, and safety of the animals under my care at all times. To treat the pets in my care at all times with vigilance, kindness, patience, and respect as though they were my own. To conduct my business with honesty and integrity toward my customers and their pets. 

Last but certainly not least, I will not harm an animal to please an owner. 


I hope I get to meet you all, thank you for learning about me and my business. 

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